We deliver purified Colorado water right to your door, effortlessly.

Locally owned and family operated for over 15 years, Springs Mountain Water is the superior choice for water delivery in El Paso, Pueblo, and Teller County. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the cleanest, best-tasting Colorado water directly to your home or business with confidence and ease. There are no contracts, no cost for delivery, no fuel surcharges, and no hidden fees. Give us a call, tell us where you'd like it delivered, send us a few bucks, and you've got water. It's really that simple.

  • El Paso County

    We proudly offer service in Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Fountain, Security, Falcon, and Monument.
  • Pueblo County

    You don't have to live in the Springs to enjoy our water. If you're in Pueblo or Pueblo West, get our water delivered to your door.
  • Teller County

    We're happy to hit Highway 24 and bring up our fresh, purified water to the Woodland Park area. Just give us a call.
  • Excellent, purified, local water.

    Springs Mountain Water starts as Colorado Springs tap water. From there, we process the water through charcoal filtration, micro filter, UV exposure, reverse osmosis, ozone exposure, and a second, final UV exposure. The end result produces pure water with less than one part contaminate per million!
  • US Armed Forces Certified

    Springs Mountain Water is the only approved local company certified by the Department of Defense to deliver on military bases. We are audited routinely by the Department of Defense and the FDA.
  • We're locally owned and operated.

    Any time you call and talk to us, you'll speak to someone working right at our local office. There are no 800 numbers directing you call centers or automated phone systems. You can even talk directly to our drivers. We're happy to assist you.
  • We have competitive pricing and service.

    You won't find a better value for bottled water delivery anywhere in the country. You get what you pay for with no hidden fees, contracts, or delivery charges. Remain a customer as long as you want, cancel at any time.
  • We promote environmental sustainability.

    We recycle every single product we offer. From broken water bottles to the water cooling units themselves, we reuse every product we offer to help support and contribute to a greener world.
  • We offer and maintain quality equipment.

    Our water coolers are not only commercial-grade, but are designed to last up to 15 years. If, at any time, there is a challenge with your cooler, call us and we'll replace it.
Our Filtration Process

Springs Mountain Water takes pride in providing the purest, best-tasting water through our meticulous filtration process.

SMW Filtration Process
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